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Click here to download the APIT-GP Matlab code for the algorithms described in the paper

A. Buccini 2017, Regularizing preconditioners by non-stationary iterated Tikhonov with general penalty term. Applied Numerical Mathematics 116, 64-81


Click here to download:

- the VMILA Matlab code for the algorithm described in the paper

S. Bonettini, I. Loris, F. Porta, M. Prato 2017, Variable metric inexact line-search based methods for nonsmooth optimization, SIAM Journal on Optimization 26(2), 891-921

- the LMSD and ILA Matlab codes for the algorithms described in the paper

S. Rebegoldi, L. Bautista, L. Blanc-Féraud, M. Prato, L. Zanni, A. Plata 2017, A comparison of edge-preserving approaches for differential interference contrast microscopy. Inverse Problems, in press

- the SGP_DEC IDL code for the algorithm described in the paper

M. Prato, A. La Camera, P. Boccacci, M. Bertero, Efficient optimization methods for Richardson-Lucy regularization: algorithms, software and applications, submitted

This software has been also included in the Software Package AIRY 7.0, a freely downloadable ( IDL-based package of the Code for Adaptive Optics Systems Problem-Solving Environment (CAOS PSE). This package also includes the Constrained Blind Deconvolution (CBD) module exploiting the alternating minimization method described in

M. Prato, A. La Camera, S. Bonettini, S. Rebegoldi, M. Bertero and P. Boccacci 2015, A blind deconvolution method for ground based telescopes and Fizeau interferometers. New Astronomy 40, 1-13